About Us

3ivxCrush is a video compression application for converting MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and DV video to VBR MP4 or QuickTime MOV files using the 3ivx MP4 plugin (or any QuickTime codec installed on your machine, including H.264)
 • Files compressed with 3ivxCrush play back in the standard QuickTime install on Windows or Mac OS and can be viewed with VLC Media Player on Linux.
 • The application allows you to balance your needs between compression speed, output quality and smallest file size.
 • 3ivxCrush creates files with awesome quality that are as small as possible for the quality level you desire. (see samples area…)
 • 3ivxCrush plays nice with all your processors! Do you have a Dual or Quad processor Macintosh ? 3ivxCrush will encode as many simultaneous videos as your computer has processors. No per processor tax. You can even continue to use the application (and all other you are running) while it is compressing a batch unlike some popular compression software.
 • MPEG-2 compression is often wasteful with regards to file size. Most MPEG-2 files converted to VBR MP4 with 3ivxCrush will end up at half to third the original size with virtually no quality loss.
 • Filters such as de-interlacing, frame rate adjustment, scaling, cropping and normalizing are built in.
 • User notifications with Growl.
 • Compatible with the Quicktime Streaming Server and Darwin Streaming Server.